With an invitation sent to some of the most accredited wine professionals and tasting experts we decided to challenge…Malagousia.

We tasted 13 wines representative of the Malagousia variety from around Greece. More specifically: Kikones Estate ’13, Argyriou ’14, Matsa Estate ’14, Alexandra Claudia Papagianni ’14, Techni ’14, Kalogeri Papagiannakou ’14, Tetramythos ’14, Antonopoulos ’14, Kindonis ’14, Mylonas ’14, Porto Karras ’14, Lykos Winery ’14, Gerovassileiou Estate ’14.

It was a blind tasting and we shared our experiences, comments and comparative remarks. The target was to train ourselves through a group tasting and enjoy the special characteristics of each wine.